Psalm 121 A Song of Ascent

Who will I become?

Psalm 121 A Song of Ascent

Who will I become?

Comparing colleges can lead to difficult choices: Is professional development or spiritual growth more important? Should you sacrifice life-giving community for the sake of stellar academics? At Covenant College, you don't have to choose.

What is the Covenant Ascent?

Picture yourself making The Covenant Ascent, an integrated faith and learning journey that is spiritually nourishing and academically challenging, equipping students with the skills and experiences they need to lead successful lives and careers.


Grounded in tradition and a time-tested theological heritage, the Covenant community extends far beyond your classmates. It includes faculty, staff, alumni, and board members who are eager to help you succeed. This thriving, joyful community shares core beliefs and a unifying love that stems from the gospel.


Your faith is an integral part of your learning, not an insignificant addition to it. Academics and professional development at Covenant are directly impacted by the gospel and biblical truth. Likewise, your classroom learning and career preparation grow alongside your relationships and spiritual life.


Covenant offers a challenging, rewarding education guided by Christian faculty from prestigious universities. With 27 majors to choose from and certificate opportunities, Covenant offers a variety of academic paths. All students complete a Capstone Project, the culmination of a rigorous and guided program of reflection, skills training, and research.


We believe true spiritual growth comes from encountering Jesus as a community. From chapel to the classroom, from residence halls to the athletic fields, students find transformative spiritual enrichment throughout their Covenant experience as faculty, staff, and peers disciple each other and grow together.


We equip students to pursue meaningful work by helping them find their callings, apply their talents, build their networks, and develop the skills to excel. By connecting students with internships and job opportunities and by coaching them through each step of the job application process, we help them use their God-given talents in areas they enjoy.


As you progress through your first year at Covenant, discover who you want to become spiritually, academically, and professionally. Create life-giving habits, and build relationships with friends and faculty who will walk with you and guide you. Invest in hall life and a local church community, and make Covenant College your home.


In your second year, discern God's calling for you as you consider your major, certificate programs, and extracurricular pursuits. Use the Center for Calling & Career to gain clarity on your career path, engage with faculty as you dive deeper into academics, and continue to grow in relationship with the Lord and the Covenant community.


As you approach your life and career after Covenant, learn from internships and work on your Capstone Project with increased clarity and focus.


Complete your Capstone Project and graduate from Covenant, taking your relationships, knowledge, and trust in the Lord with you into your life and career.


The distinctly Christian liberal arts education and life preparation of The Covenant Ascent helps clarify your calling in God's world. It prepares you to succeed in future academic endeavors, to grow in relationship with the Lord throughout your entire life, and to thrive in whatever career the Lord calls you to.


Dedicate yourself to a life of continual learning, growing, and discipling as you lead in your vocation and continue in relationship with Covenant alumni, faculty, staff, and students.


Dedicate yourself to a life of continual learning, growing, and discipling as you lead in your vocation and continue in relationship with Covenant alumni, faculty, staff, and students.

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"Whether you enter the laboratory, the classroom, the courtroom, whether you rear children or serve as an accountant, you go into your work not as a distraction from your faith but as a vital expression of it."

–Dr. Kelly M. Kapic, Professor of Theological Studies

Academic Excellence

Listen to professors discuss their departments, and hear from parents of current students.

Spiritual Formation

Hear from parents of current students, catch a glimpse of chapel, hear the stories of seniors, and more.

Professional Development

Learn about our Center for Calling and Career, and hear from parents of alumni and current students about how Covenant prepared their students for their careers.


Attending Covenant means living in a Christ-centered, fun-loving, intentional community. Hear from our Student Development staff about residence life here on the mountain, and catch a glimpse of some of the fun events around campus.

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Life & Career

What happens when your time at Covenant is over? Prepared with the tools necessary to succeed in grad school or the workforce, you’ll launch into your career and the rest of your life. Check out the ways our alumni live out their calling after they graduate, and imagine where The Covenant Ascent could take you.

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After graduating with a degree in international studies, Ella Sahertian '18 is now doing graduate work in city and regional planning at Cornell.
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"My time at Covenant shaped my understanding of calling, work, and life tremendously."
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KAT's Story

"I credit the rigorous academics at Covenant College for preparing me for law school and my career, and I'm incredibly thankful for the many professors and friends who encouraged me along the way."
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